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I am so damn sure that Karkat isn’t talking about Dave in the latest update. Everything he said could also apply to WV. He never even says “human” once. Karkat’s a condescending fuck, he treats that word as an insult, he’d surely use it if talking about someone he’s grudging against.

I mean, now that WV’s with them, there is no way Terezi would be able to resist being all up ons, right?

Think about it.

WV is a man of authority, he’s a Mayor, he likes governmental structures. Terezi likes authority. She likes justice and prosecution. She could be the judicial branch to WV’s executive branch.

And who was so into chalk that he spent four hours of a doomsday countdown covering the walls with colorful chalk drawings? WV, that’s who.

I’d ship it.

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    I really think if anything, it’ll end up being WV that Karkat’s talking about and it will further express his anxiety...
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    I think them all playing with the chalk and stuff is really cute :3
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